Imagine being able to check on your home or workplace when you are out and about. Keep an eye on your second home, make sure the kids aren't running riot whilst you're relaxing in the sunshine, and even check the dogs are OK. Business owners can keep an eye on what's happening when they are absent or decide how best to react to an alarm trigger if they are a key holder. All our DVR recorders allow remote access using a computer, iPad or mobile phone.

If you fit on of our PTZ (pan - tilt - zoom) cameras it`s even possible to control them remotely allowing you to have a good look round your site. Remote access also allows you to make settings changes to your CCTV camera system. You can view recorded footage and even make backups of critical footage when away from the CCTV system.

Finally remote access allows us to offer superb technical support. With your permission we can access your DVR and review your settings to ensure optimum performance. The DVR can even be tasked to email you a picture in the event of a motion triggered event.

Setting up remote access on a CCTV system

99% of all current CCTV Systems, once connected to your router, can be accessed by your phone. Once the correct application is downloaded to your phone and the router’s ports are forwarded correctly, hey presto, your images are streamed live. However, networking doesn`t come without it`s complications, port forwarding, dynamic IP addresses, DHCP and client updating are terms that mean nothing to 99% of us. We are fortunate to have superb IT knowledge within the company. The biggest stumbling block with any “live view ” requirements is the IP Address that is supplied by your ISP – basically your internet provider will give you an address (like you home address only in four sets of numbers) for the internet that is specific to you. Sometimes they change this address if it is not specifically set up as “static”.

The following is an overview diagram of how you sit in the big wide world of the internet.

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