FSH Strike Locks – the Cornerstone of Modern Entry Systems

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No security-minded building owner wants to have to compromise on entry security. From apartment buildings and factories to banks and clubs, being able to control who can enter or leave through your doors is a huge first step towards securing your property in any scenario. But when that building also sees a high level of traffic, as each of those examples do, simply locking and unlocking the door for each person who approaches is not a good enough solution. When you consider that it is rarely appropriate to try and grant every visitor to a building their own key or other way of bypassing the lock, it is clear to see that a more complex locking solution is required.

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This is the purpose of the electric strike, and the most impressive strike locks around are made by FSH. The electric strike latches and locks when a door is closed, securing the premises. But the internal component of the latch, the keeper, can be electronically signalled to allow the door to open without actually being unlocked, locking again when the door is closed. This basic but fundamental behaviour is the basis for all controlled entry systems relying on electromagnetic locks, and FSH produces strike locks to suit all types of compatible doors.

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