Microlatch Wireless Solutions

Microlatch design, development and manufacture of commercial Wireless solutions. Microlatch has developed and patented Wiegand output mobile products utilising long range wireless communications, incorporating the encrypted wiegand code within the RF carrier frequency. These devices, non-biometrics or biometrics versions can optionally contain a miniature RFID or NFC IC circuit (same as access card), offering badging option with same wiegand I/D's as the long range RF secure rolling code transmission output.  The products operate with all global security systems and most control systems such as intruder alarms, gate controls etc. 

In addition to the above, Microlatch has created and patented key FOB systems utilizing wireless applications for both short range badging and long range RF secure rolling code transmission, electro-mechanical door access systems, plus offers packaged shrink wrap security products for retail and wholesale distribution. Combination card and finger biometrics devices communicate down any existing, standard Wigand or magnetic stripe 'wired' interface, in series with the card reader or payment terminal - utilizing the local power source. All products developed are compatible with industry standard interfaces, plus employ the latest security transmission techniques to ensure anti-grab encryption & non-replayable data messaging. 

Use Applications

  • Access Control, Buildings and Communities
  • Logical Access Control, networks, pc’s etc.
  • Home and garage control.
  • Intruder Alarm Systems.

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