Customise Your Security with IIS (Kenwei) Video Intercom Solutions

If you are looking to increase the security in your home or commercial space, it is worth looking into innovative solutions that will enable you to identify visitors before they gain access to the premises. Whether it is for the family home to reduce threat by no longer needing to open the door to see who it is, or restricting access from outsiders in your business, an IIS video intercom system offers a number of benefits to its users.

About the intercom

Known for their stylish designs and innovative features, IIS (Kenwei) video intercoms are becoming a key player in security surveillance solutions. In a league of its own, this brand is offering high levels of customisation and constantly evolving concepts. This means it is ideal for a wide range of applications from city offices to large commercial spaces.

Perfect for night time operation

When it comes to security you want something that is reliable at all times. Backed with CCD colour cameras and built-in LED functions, IIS (Kenwei) intercom products are able to provide exceptional imagery to scope visitors to any premise. Best of all, the monitor can provide coverage for your front door, with additional volume, brightness and colour controls to suit.

Flexible features and exceptional performance

The sleek look of these models are not the only reason the range is a popular option for security surveillance. The ability to customise a number of options and enhance the features to suit your individual needs, means the IIS (Kenwei) video intercom units are at the forefront of the industry standards.

Memory options unlike any other

With a simple press of the button, the IIS (Kenwei) video intercom systems can scan and record internally or externally, all recording on removable memory. With the added benefit of optional snapshots, users can back their home or business with comprehensive surveillance that can be safely stored.

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